Our technicians will happily accept Cash, Checks, or credit cards for service. We expect payment at time of service and may ask you for some additional info should you pay by a form other than cash. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover for your convenience. Our technicians have card readers for on the spot and secure transactions.

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​One area is considered 15x20 or less. Combination rooms, basements or similar will be counted as more than one area.

We make allowances for small areas & will not charge you for a full area. We want to be as fair as possible.

In some cases if the carpet is in very poorly maintained and damaged condition we may refuse to clean it. Thank you for your understanding.

We also are not equipped to clean apartments on a third floor or higher or similar premises that are too far from the street that our hoses cannot reach. Please contact a cleaner that uses portable equipment.

Prices are subject to change.

Customers always ask what they need to do before the technician arrives. The answers are very simple. There is no need for your home to be thrown into a state of chaos as your carpet can be cleaned very efficiently. However there are a few things we ask you to do before our technicians get to your home.

1. Please leave a space in the driveway or close to the home so our vehicle and technicians can have safe and easy access into the home.

2. Inform your technician where the outside water source is and if they are functioning properly. In many cases our trucks are able to bring a large quantity of water but still may require additional water.

3.Remove any small objects from the carpet so that the technician can move through the room efficiently.

4. Be sure small children, pets, or even adults are comfortable during the time of cleaning and should be kept away from the cleaning tools and hoses. Pets should also be contained to keep them from leaving the home. 
Note. We cannot access certain areas in some cases such as third floor apartments or high rises. This may require the use of portable cleaning equipment and Fastclean does not currently offer this service.
We will move only certain items in your home that are under 75 pounds and are not dangerous to move such as sofas, chairs, and like items. Any items moved are solely at the discretion of FASTCLEAN.

We will not move:
Any items over 75 Lbs. No exceptions. 
Anything made of Glass
Personal items, knick knacks and toys, carboard boxes and other small items. These should be moved ahead of time.
Entertainment centers
Electronics computers and appliances
Furniture with surfaces that have not been cleared off ahead of time.
Dressers or cabinet style items containing items on top or inside of them
House Plants, real or artificial
Any electrically wired items
Beds with headboards attached or framed beds. (We will move beds and many items on rollers.)
Pit groups that are attached together
Items that are not possible to protect the carpet or the item from moisture and furniture stains
Anything fragile
Self-assembled furniture
Televisions & Computers (No Exceptions)
Stereo Speakers 

We will happily and carefully work around these items or you can hire professionals in advance to move these items for you.
We also ask that you do not personally move furniture while we are there cleaning. Items will need to be blocked and or protected in addition to moving them. It is better to have these items moved and then placed back after carpet is dry. Having an empty room also means carpet will dry more efficiently.

Everyone's carpet is different. Your cleaning will vary depending on many factors and your technician can advise you on they type of results you can expect when they arrive. In some cases such as heavily soiled berber carpet with deep spills, it could take more than one visit to completely remove all of the stain/soil. Should you have a problem or are dissatisfied in some way, please do not hesitate to call so that we can rectify any concerns you may have. In many cases a technician will return to your home at no additional cost depending on the circumstances. We are dedicated to making our customers informed and treated with respect. Rest assured we stand behind our work. We want to meet or exceed your expectations.
Your carpet should take a few hours to completely dry. In some cases where it has been pretreated and scotchgarded it can take a bit longer. You should avoid walking on the carpet as it can be slippery and could also transfer dirt back to the carpet.
Your technician will make every attempt to remove stains. Some stains however, may be permanent. In these cases you may be able to have these problems repaired. We also suggest you refrain from moving any furniture into the room until the carpet is dry. For added drying speed you can run a fan or home air circulation as well.
Your technician may have placed certain items on plastic pads, or styrofoam blocks. Please do not remove these for at least 24-48 hours or put moved furniture back until carpet is dry.
Please take as much time as you need to explain to the technician any concerns or questions you may have. Take this time to point out any specific stains you are concerned with. 
At this time your technician will bring in hoses for cleaning and extracting, and one or more tools for cleaning your carpet. He may also bring in stain removal products and if necessary, spraying devices for applying scotchgard and pretreatment for heavily soiled traffic areas. The cleaning equipment itself is outside and contained in our truck.We invite customers to look at our high quality equipment as well. During service you are free to relax as your technician will take it from here. We always caution our customers not to walk on wet surfaces.
At Fastclean we use the best equipment and products available today.
We use a powdered detergent (which is dissolved in water) to gently Steam clean your carpet. Our detergent contains a powerful combination of only the finest ingredients, perfectly balanced to give you incredible dirt fighting power and yet still meet stain resist cleaning guidelines.
Our Vehicles contain Truck mounted steam cleaning equipment. We currently use the finest carpet cleaning equipment available.
We invite our customers to take a look at our equipment on site. Rental machines and portables simply cannot compare.
Better equipment and better products equal a superior cleaning! They are more expensive but we feel they do a more thorough job.
In our ongoing desire to make our customers the best informed, we have provided information about your service below. This serves as our FAQ.
Our prices are based on the flat rate pricing system. Some companies charge for every square inch and the customer has to go around their entire home and spend a lot of time measuring themselves to get an estimate. We do not want to nickle & dime our customers for every square inch.
Also, other companies will tell you that their estimates are only a ball park figure, leaving you in the dark about what your charges actually will be. If you can accurately describe your home, our estimates will not exceed the price we quote & possibly be less.
We don't believe in 'package deals' either and we don't charge for pre-treatment or deodorizers. The only additional charges to our carpet cleaning service is for optional Scotchgard protection.
If you have a room that exceeds 200 Sq feet we will charge you accordingly.
Likewise, if you have a room that is under 100 Sq feet, we would not charge you for a full room. Also, in most cases we do not charge extra for closets, landings & other small areas. We want you as our customers for life. It isn't uncommon for our technicians to clean a throw rug or something extra and not even charge you. We are an old-fashioned family business.
We encourage our customers to get quotes from other companies. Our prices are usually less than the larger carpet cleaning companies. Just be sure that they use quality products and equipment, which you can read about at the bottom of this page.
If you have an estimate or coupon from another company, please call us so we can go over it together and compare services. Beware of prices that seem too good to be true.
Please call for Upholstery estimates.
With the exception of this website and a standard phone book listing, we don't advertise. Our customers are treated so well and so happy with our service that all of our business comes from referrals, so tell a friend about us! We don't believe in gimmicks, coupons, bait & switch deals or misleading ads. Our relationship with our customers is very important to us.
Family owned and operated for 20 years.
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Our Current Service Area Includes: Aurora, Bolingbrook, Downers Grove, Naperville carpet cleaning, Lisle, Montgomery, North Aurora, Oswego, Plainfield, Warrenville Romeoville,West Chicago, Westmont,  Winfield, Woodridge and areas in between. If your area is not listed please let us know or ask if we service your area.
(These are Suburbs in the Chicagoland area. We do not service the city or downtown area of Chicago)
Contact Information
Fastclean Carpet Cleaning
Toll Free 1(800) 340 FAST (3278)
Local 1(630) 904-7389
Q: How long does the work usually take?
A: Each room usually takes about twenty minutes but this can vary either way as we will take as long as necessary to achieve satisfactory results. 

Q: How long does it take to dry?
A:While we cannot pinpoint an exact time, most carpet will dry in a few hours. As a precaution we recommend staying off the carpet if possible for at least 4 hours and not to put furniture back or remove the pads and blocks we place under furniture for at least 24 hours. If you are moving in to a new place we recommend allowing for this before moving in.

Q: Why does your service cost more/less than the last place I called?
A: Every service out there is different. Many low cost places are trying to quote you an extremely low ball price until they get to your home and then that number may change. Some places charge extra for traffic spray and deodorizer, as much as .35 cents per sq foot.
Our pricing is based on many factors such as paying highly skilled technicians, using premium products and equipment as well as staying informed of the national average costs for Carpet cleaning services which are .25-.35 cents per Sq foot. Our pricing is fairly balanced between several factors. Our equipment and vehicle is valued at $45,000 with equipment that runs on the same gasoline that our truck does. Each trip and service call to a home can cost $20 in gas alone. We feel this is worth it though to have your carpet cleaned by the best equipment available.
New customers have told us that they found our pricing and value much higher than many larger competitors.
If you would like to contact us we would happily discuss our method & pricing vs others you may be considering. we want you to be the best informed customers and keep the Carpet cleaning industry an honest one.

Q: Do you clean commercial carpet such as offices, etc.?
Absolutely. We have special rates for commercial carpet. At this time however we are not taking on any new commercial accounts that require service after 3 PM on weekdays.
NOTE: We do not come out to give a quote. Our commercial rate is approximately 19 cents per Sq foot. for commercial carpet. You can measure this manually by walking the width and the length.

Q Should I get my carpets cleaned when the weather is.....?
You can clean carpet in any weather conditions with some special considerations. If there is a lot of snow on the ground care should be taken for that not to be tracked in. Many of our customers prefer to wait until the ground is clear.
When the weather is unusually cold such as in below freezing temps there are no concerns for your actual cleaning but you do need to run heating as opposed to opening your windows. However when we have below freezing weather we may elect to call and reschedule. Our equipment remains outdoors and is subject to freezing. We also may need to hook up to an outside water line which will likely be frozen in these conditions. So in certain weather conditions we may elect to reschedule for another day.
In cases where the temperature is in the 90's and unusually warm it is best that you run air conditioning for the drying level in your home and the comfort of your family as well as your technician. If temperatures reach high numbers it's probably best to reschedule if you do not have air conditioning.
Also if there is a major thunderstorm we may elect to reschedule as we do not want to track in anything into your home. It also helps if we can pull partly into an attached garage.

Q Do you only do Naperville Carpet cleaning?
Fastclean currently does Naperville carpet cleaning as well as the surrounding suburbs. Call us to see if you are in our service area.

Current Residential Pricing and Specials
At Fastclean we do not believe in nickel and diming our customers for every square inch of carpet cleaned. We are proud to offer flat rate pricing based on the number of rooms, areas, and staircases.
However for large rooms in excess of 15x20 we consider that to be more than one area. This is generally a factor for combination rooms and finished basements.
We are also very fair with our flat rate pricing that we will consider very small areas and not charge as full rooms. We include closets as part of the room as well. Whether we are providing Naperville carpet cleaning or surrounding suburbs our pricing is the same.

For our latest pricing please give us a call at 1(800) 340-3278 and discuss your cleaning needs with us.
Please feel free to discuss any cleaning specials you may have encountered from other companies as pricing in the carpet cleaning industry can vary greatly based on methods, equipment used, etc.

Our current minimum service charge is $99 and will cover two rooms or one room and staircase.

Commercial pricing is done based on square footage and we do not come out to give estimates at this time.

Call us for more details and pricing. Be prepared with the number of rooms and staircases to be cleaned.
Hallways and misc. areas may be priced separately.
Call for our current specials